The Sky is the Limit: An Art Q&A with Jim Klein

Artist Jim Klein took a moment to discuss one of his most popular paintings, “Sky”, and how public perception of artwork doesn’t always match the artist’s.


How was “Sky” painted? Were you planning on this composition?
Jim: “Sky” was very spontaneous. My art is often this way but I was particularly surprised by this painting.

I can’t exactly pinpoint why this painting took me by such surprise. There is a lot of emotion behind “Sky”. It’s hard to say precisely what… the process is very subconscious. It’s one of the reasons why I enjoy painting late at night. At times I’ll step out, paint for awhile then return to bed and in the morning I’ll be pleasantly surprised when I see what I’ve made.

There are a lot of colors, movement, and emotion in “Sky”. It’s not hanging in the gallery at the moment, but when it is on display, it is very popular.

When painting abstract, you never know how the piece will go over. While I have my opinions, the public will always have their own. I was surprised by the immediate popularity of “Sky”.


Jim Klein ChaliceWhy were you surprised at the popularity of “Sky”?
 The colors and composition of “Sky” are different and I just wasn’t sure about it. This painting is the result of several paintings; it’s very layered. When I thought it felt complete, I had to stand back and really evaluate. An art consultant came in and gave approval so I decided “Sky” was definitely done.

Some paintings I absolutely adore right away but they won’t earn a spot on the wall or receive many public comments, others get a lot of buzz. One painting that is currently hanging in the Farm Gallery had a fascinating reaction. Chalice (to the left) has had many comments about depicting some sort of spirituality.

As I was painting, this direction wasn’t my intention, but an outside interpretation is always fascinating to hear.


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