21 Feb

The Hidden Horse

With the 62nd Annual Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show in town this week, Jim thought it appropriate to run with the equine theme and discuss one of his dynamic abstract paintings, "Horse". "Horse" by Jim Klein Q: Was "Horse" meant to depict an actual horse [...]

06 Feb

Art in the Street

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On a bright morning in Scottsdale, Jim set up his easel and paints, a few brushes and a fresh canvas outside the J Klein Gallery in the Art District. It was a perfect day to create in the Arizona sun. Passersby stopped now and again, watching [...]

09 Jan

A Brief Interview with Jim Klein

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Receiving glowing acclaim from local and visiting art patrons throughout the 2015-2016 Scottsdale art season, this welcoming yet innovative space, showcases energetic and contemporary artwork. Located in Scottsdale’s historically celebrated Old Town Arts District, one of the hottest art markets in the country, and on [...]

19 Dec

A Moment of Relaxation and Peace with the Power of Blue

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The phrase “the blues” typically means sadness and tough times -- a connection that may date back to Britain in the 1600s when the term “blue devils” referred to hallucinations that occurred during alcohol withdrawal. However, the color blue is also associated with a number [...]

16 Nov

Accepting Vulnerability Allows Creation to Continue

2016-11-16, 10:17 pm|Categories: Blog, Contemporary, J Klein|

XO Because Jim Klein’s abstracts are so influenced by what is happening in the moment, even when he thinks he has something specific in mind, he can surprise himself. Giving in to the artistic process and the immediacy of creation is a large [...]

02 Nov

RAIN DANCE: Respect for Native People, Their Customs and Connection to the Land

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Jim Klein likes to work on multiple paintings at once. In the farm studio, he has nine easels in a circle, each holding a canvas. “I can only see the painting I’m working on,” he says.  As he works, he doesn’t like to waste paint, [...]

10 Oct

J Klein Gallery Reflects On Grateful First Year

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Since receiving glowing acclaim from local and visiting art patrons at last November’s Opening Reception here in Scottsdale’s renowned Old Town Art District, much has happened at the J Klein Gallery. Throughout the 2015-16 Scottsdale art season, the welcoming, yet innovative space, has transformed into [...]

26 May

Take The J Klein Gallery Survey for a Chance to Win

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We want to know what you think! J Klein Gallery invites you to quickly share your thoughts in this brief 12 question survey. Share your confidential feedback by June 10, 2016, and be entered to win the giclee of your choice: Texline Cow or [...]

23 Mar

Say It with Flowers: Farm Yard Irises

2016-03-23, 5:27 am|Categories: Agriculture, Blog, J Klein, News|

During the Victorian era, floriography – the language of flowers – became a popular way for men and women to express what they couldn’t say out loud.  (Sort of like an early form of texting with emojis, only more poetic and fragrant.)  Each flower has [...]

04 Mar

Jim Klein Art Factory

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Sometimes artists simply paint where they are. Vincent van Gogh painted one of his most famous works – The Starry Night, depicting the small town of Saint-Rémy-de-Provence – from the local psychiatric hospital where he was a patient. Sometimes artists look for new inspiration to keep [...]