The Painting has a Life of Its Own: An Interview with Jim Klein

This quote by French artist Paul Cezanne rings true: “I am more a friend of art than a producer of painting.”


Oftentimes, an artist may find themselves directed by inspiration separate from themselves: the paints, the brushes, even the canvas itself seems to be calling the shots. Artist Jim Klein experienced something similar during the creation of a recent painting “CuO”.


Q: What is the significance of the title “CuO”?
Jim: CuO is the scientific formula for Copper Oxide. The name was inspired by the metallic nature of the finished piece.


Q: Did you start painting with the intention to use metallic paints?
Jim: No, I was not planning on creating a metallic abstract painting that day. The paints seemed to speak to me at the time; the paint will sometimes choose and then it’s no longer up to me.


I remember there was a group of paints in my studio being especially vocal: a bronze, copper, and silver palette that just came together wonderfully. You will notice a little splash of white was added but overall that bronze/copper palette was the theme of the day and I followed along.


Q: Will we see more mineral or metal inspired paintings, perhaps as a series in the future?
Jim: That’s hard to say as it just depends what happens. If I step up to the canvas and my large collection of paints decide it’s another metal-inspired day, then yes. It’s simply up to them some days. I have even gotten the urge and inspiration to begin painting when I was doing the dishes, of all things. So you never know when anything could materialize.


“CuO” is available for purchase! Click here.

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