NO PLACE LIKE HOME | Art Q&A with Jim Klein

Life is old there, older than the trees, younger than the mountains, blowing like a breeze. Country roads, take me home to the place I belong  ~John Denver

“No place like home”, “home is where the heart is”, “love begins at home”… There are many sayings surrounding the one place we can all relate to: the concept of home.

For some, home is a physical place in the world, a place one can always return to and feel safe. For others, home evokes feelings of nostalgia and comfort attached to memories, untethered to a location. Jim Klein took a moment to discuss these emotions and more presented by one of his latest paintings, appropriately titled HOME.

Where was Home painted?

Jim: This painting was created outside the Art Factory in Scottsdale, right on the sidewalk, over several sessions. As I often do, I enjoyed myself and was able to freely interact with folks walking by as I painted.

What was the inspiration behind the title?

Jim: The painting came before the title, and, as is sometimes the case, I had trouble deciding on a name for this one.

As I finished up the last strokes on Home, I sat back on the sidewalk in my chair and watched people pass by. When they stopped to look at the art, I asked them what they thought the title should be. There were quite a few votes for “Tequila Sunrise”, but I felt it didn’t quite fit.

After some time, a young couple in their late 20’s came by. The young man of the pair happened to be a rancher from North Dakota. We had a wonderful conversation about cattle and growing up in the ranching life. I asked the couple what they thought about the painting. The young man spent nearly twenty minutes observing the work, asking me questions and thinking aloud. I was very impressed with his creative thinking. Eventually, he suggested “Home”.

What is the story behind the technique we see here in Home?

Jim: I have used some variation of this drip technique with a few of my other pieces, such as Rock City and Kiva. As with most of my work, Home was unplanned as a concept. I really enjoy how the sun seems to melt into the background. In fact, that portion of the painting was especially spontaneous; it appeared with just a quick brushstroke. I’ve mentioned previously when the brush hits the canvas I don’t have any control. The brush goes where it wants.

Home is certainly an interesting piece of artwork. This is one painting that directed itself.

What do you think of the significance of the title?

Jim: I was very impressed with the title suggestion because it is so open to interpretation, which is also the main characteristic of abstract art. “Home” could be where you’re at in your life emotionally or where you are in the physical sense. The name especially fits this particular piece; it’s such a peaceful painting. If I am able to convey that peaceful feeling to the viewer along with feelings of home, that is a wonderful experience.

I hope you enjoy this painting, and perhaps Home will find its place in yours.

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