Music and Art: A Perfect Match Made in Creative Heaven

Back in February, the Jim Klein Art Factory was reopened. This innovative working studio space near the J Klein Gallery allows visitors to watch and interact with artist Jim Klein while he creates. (read more about it in this blog…)

As dynamic as ever, the Art Factory is now introducing an exciting new element: live music!

Starting this Thursday, April 12, the Jim Klein Art Factory will be hosting pianists every Thursday to coincide with the Old Town Scottsdale ArtWalk.

Why did you decide to introduce a musical element to the Art Factory? 
Jim: The Art Factory is a test tube for creativity and there is a lot of correlation between music and the visual arts. You can read more about it here.

I chose to bring these creative outlets together after sitting down at the piano one day. I didn’t know what I was doing but I played for a bit and enjoyed myself. I then got this gut feeling that the inclusion of music to the Art Factory would be a great idea. Music has always been a deep passion of mine so it just made sense.

When did you learn to play the piano?
Jim:  I started playing music in grade school but always had trouble sight-reading the music sheets. I had such a hard time that a music teacher once told me I was unteachable, which ended any serious music playing for quite a while. I did go on to compose my own music, along with a mini-operetta in the third grade. In high school, I briefly picked up the sax and even performed a few times. It was much easier to sight read sax, as I only had to read one note. However, when I turned 16, that ended as I became more interested in girls, cars, and sports.

Nonetheless, I have two main bucket list items in life: #1 paint and #2 write music. I’d eventually like to write piano sonatas, see where it goes and perhaps even write a musical one day.

Will the music featured at the Art Factory become a recurring event?
We’re playing it by ear right now, but so far the piano has been a big hit with the guests. We’ve been working with the Arizona State Music School, and have the piano department send students and grad students to play during the Art Walk.

My mentor, who instructed me to create a piece of artwork a week, told me that “art is the portal of creation.” He called his studio his cathedral. Creative spaces are special and visitors pick it up on it. The Art Factory is a very creative place.

Stop by and experience the Jim Klein Art Factory and the J Klein Gallery for yourself!