From the Mouths of Babes | Art Q&A with Jim Klein

“Don’t be afraid to be unique or speak your mind, because that’s what makes you different from everyone else.” ~Dave Thomas, American businessman

It’s not often in life that people “call them as they see them.” It’s even more rare within the abstract art world, as the very nature of this type of art seeks to avoid a concrete description and allow the individual viewer to reach their own unique conclusion. Even still, there comes a time when it benefits the artist to allow certainty into the abstract. Artist Jim Klein recalled one such time when it came to titling a recent piece, Woman in Kitchen.

How did Woman in Kitchen come to be?

Jim: I started this painting inside the Art Factory as a detailed wash covering the entire canvas, which I thought was a great work in itself. From that point on, I was not sure what to do with this painting. I grew worried that I was going to mess up this beautiful wash because once you start painting, it will take off on its own. There’s no eraser with acrylic paint on a good wash background.

Still stuck on exactly where to go, I decided to take the easel and canvas from inside the Art Factory to outside on the sidewalk. Sometimes a change in scenery can help the creative process. I also brought a chair to sit down and studied the canvas for a long time, trying to understand what direction I should go.