Bloom Where You’re Planted…for us, this meant Scottsdale!

J Klein Gallery, Scottsdale

Jim Klein was lucky enough to find visual art and music at an early age.  Both fostered his creativity, broadened his experience of the world, and taught him to say yes to things he feels passionate about even when others are saying no.  As a natural entrepreneur, the lessons he learned from the arts have helped him in business and in life by giving him the courage to go after the undiscovered.

“I love the art business because it’s the only true canvass we have left in the US. It’s a free market, not controlled by governments or big corporations. Basically, you have to create your own value,” says Jim. “And it’s challenging. That’s what I like about it. Selling art is a huge challenge.”

Jim found that getting a foot in the door at established galleries was difficult. “I noticed when I’d take my portfolio places, the walls would go up – and I’m a good salesman. So I thought, at this stage in my life I’ll just short circuit the process. I’ll start my own gallery.”

Together with his nephew Jeff Berryman and his cousin, Dan Ostermiller – both established and talented artists, Jim went in search of a location and chose Scottsdale, Arizona. “We put our stake in the ground, like the pioneers,” he says. “I like Scottsdale. It’s a town with a young scene. There are family galleries and other artists who have their own galleries. People come there from all around the world.”

The vision of J Klein Gallery is to create a bridge between the traditional western art that Scottsdale is known for, and a modern interpretation that appeals to an innovative audience. He and his family have high hopes for the future of J Klein Gallery and its place in the Scottsdale arts district. Jim explains it this way:

galleries-jackknife-trimble“I was struggling with this big piece called Elder Delight. Jeff said it just needed one little white flower to brighten up the piece. He was right. Now, we’re hoping to be the Elder on the street in Scottsdale, to be that light, the one piece that brings it all to life. My grandmother taught me that you bloom where you’re planted. Our stake’s in the ground. We’re working where we’re at and will go from there!”

Come by and see us with us when you’re in Old Town Scottsdale![/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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